(EDITED UPDATE, we're back!) iOS outage update, 14th March 2020

Hi all,

We’re relieved to say the app is back up and you’ll be able to access it like normal. We apologise whole heartedly for the outage. This was an unprecedented down time that we have never experienced. It only effected iOS and the Android version remained stable. We will be running a full diagnosis of the issue and publishing our findings. For now we can only apologise and reassure you that your money was untouched and safe the entire time.

We will be in touch next week with diagnosis, and telling you our solution to make sure this never happens again.


Hi all, some of you have noticed the iOS outage that’s been going on since yesterday, we want you to know that the fix is on it’s way and we’ll be updating you as and when we have more info.

As it is we can tell you the following :

We encountered a technical display issue on the iOS app on Friday 13th (definitely unlucky for us this time), which has left Chip savers with Apple devices unable to log in.

The engineering team worked tirelessly through the night to find a solution, but the only way we can fix the issue is to release a new version of Chip to the App Store.

Frustratingly this means we can’t make the fix available to you just yet, as we have to wait to for Apple in San Francisco to expedite the new version of the app (required for any iOS app update). We are hoping they’ll do this soon, but this may take as long as a day.

Please check out our blogpost here for more information and rest assured we’ll be updating you as and when we know more : https://www.getchip.uk/the-sauce/ios-outage

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