EIS certificates

I saw the email recently from Crowdcube saying the EIS certificates were available for download. Has anyone used them to claim tax relief by completing the pages and posting to HMRC? I don’t do self assessment so tried this route last year after receiving advice on here but heard nothing back from HMRC and saw no tax relief or credit. I’m just wondering what to do with my certificate from this round?


From what I read on Crowdcube, you just need to fill in pages 3 & 4 and send it over to HMRC by post. That’s what I’ve done for this round.

If you haven’t heard anything from HMRC, I would recommend giving them a call.

I had this question too, do u know that date u can claim from ?

I phoned them last week and there is a significant backlog due to it being the peak self assessment period and also due to a lot of agents still working from home. I submitted forms back in June last year that still haven’t been processed………:neutral_face:

You can backdate claims to a previous tax year (up to 3yrs in the past I believe) but on the form itself it asks you to input the tax year you are claiming the relief for. And they will send you a cheque for the amount owed.


If it helps, I raised a claim mid October 2021, and they confirmed it will be dealt with by the 19th March 2022.

I want to keep my eye on this one as I haven’t been claiming EIS in case it started off that I would have to revert to Self-Assessment every year.
So I if anyone has successfully claimed (and been paid) EIS please let me know if you were then moved to SA.
I don’t have any other incoming that HMRC aren’t already aware of…

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I kept my PAYE without any issues and have claimed EIS three separate times


I have successfully claimed EIS as part of my self assessment tax returns for previous rounds

I’ve claimed EIS whilst on PAYE for years, they simply amend your tax code or send a cheque depending when you are claiming for.

I’m waiting on quite a few to be processed, I submitted them in October 2021, with HMRC saying they will have them done by August 2022.

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Same, don’t do self assessment and posted last autumn to HMRC (3 EISs) and not heard a thing. Will give them a call before sending the latest certificate

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Hi can asked what address in do u send them to got do first time this year, and just confining only pages 3/4 to sent first pages for your own records.

I send mine here and as said above I’m on PAYE and never have a problem or needed to fill out a self-assessment although this can take upto 6 months for a response.

Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment

HM Revenue and Customs


United Kingdom


Typical wait times for dealing with PAYE at the moment are 8-9 months as they have a large backlog of claims from Covid. I raised a query last May and only just got a response.

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Wow ok thanks for the update, so 2023 will get dealt with lol at least know so point will get cheque due.

Thank you for information

I do have to say it is really easy though if you do a self assessment tax form and you get it processed straight away. I also have a personal pension so find it easier to claim the tax back on both via this method

Hi there, I had a go at completing my form but I was unsure of the figures to put in. Can anyone lend some assistance please?

Hi @23deano the amount you are claiming in tax relief is usually the amount you invested, but this can also depend on your tax status and if you invested a large amount which could take you over to another tax threshold.

However, If you are a standard level tax payer (20%) then you should be able to claim the whole amount you have invested.

This can all depend on individual circumstances though

Once complete send your forms to the following address:

PAYE & Self assessment

Hope this helps?

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Is best send these forms recorded delivery so as wait times so long.