EIS Tax relief claims

Hi, I’m new to the community but have been investing and saving with chip since 2018. I’ve seen the EIS certificates within the documents section of crowdcube but I’m a complete newbie to this kind of stuff and I’m struggling to find information on what I need to do with them.

Does the tax relief expire? Would I have had to submit a claim in the tax year I obtained the shares?

Can someone help point me in the direction of some instructions and advice on making a claim?


There’s some info about claiming EIS here:


Do you have an online tax account or do self assessment?

No I don’t do either of those.

Ah ok. I can’t help with any other ways then. Sorry

You can claim the tax relief for the last tax year though and not just the one you did the investment in if that helps

I used method 2 in this guide as I too don’t do self assesment. The claim form should be part of the EIS3 that you received for investing, you can then claim back the previous investments in the tax year prior to investing. HMRC will then recalc your tax for that year and after about 3 months send you a cheque as long as you highlight the part saying you want the lump sum and not your tax code for this year altering.
I claimed back 3 seperate investment rounds using this method and it was fine, apart from me putting the wrong tax year on one of the forms.

Hope that helps.

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