EIS3 form for Series C investment

Can I ask if anyone who invested in Chip Series C around March/April 2020 has received their EIS3 form for claiming tax back for the investment? I have been pursuing this issue on-and-off since October 2020, but it still hasn’t been resolved. I was told by a Chip rep. to look on CrowdCube, but there’s no evidence of the investment there (there is evidence of my previous investments in Series A and B for which I have successfully claimed EIS tax relief). There is evidence of it in Capdesk along with my shares certificate, but there doesn’t seem to be an EIS3 form. Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated as I feel I have hit a brick wall at every turn!

Did you use the same email for your investment this time as your others?

Hi Rob. Thanks for replying. I used the same email address for all of my investments, which is why I don’t understand why I received the EIS3 for previous investments, but not for Series C!

Just checked and yes I have the EIS certificates to download on crowdcube for that round. You prob need to contact crowdcube support unless you have already……

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Thanks again for the info and update Rob. I have contacted CrowdCube already, but I will get onto them again given that you can see your EIS tax certificate for Series C on their platform and I cannot.

Out of interest where are you clicking on Crowdcube to see the certificates? Or not in your case…

Are you using the website version and not the app? I can’t see them in the app. Only when I login to the desktop version

Hi Rob. I am logging into the CrowdCube website from a browser. I can see the documents from my Series A and Series B investments, but there is nothing there for Series C. I can only see a shares certificate for Series C on the CapDesk software, but there is no EIS3 form for me there either to claim tax back.

I don’t have any EIS forms on CapDesk either. They are all on Crowdcube

I see this for that round of investment

Hi Rob. I can still only see the details in Crowdcube for Series A, B and the recent convertible round. I downloaded the Crowdcube app just in case I was missing out on something. In any case, I have contacted Crowdcube again to see if they can sort it out for me. Thanks again Rob for taking the time out to try to help me - it is very much appreciated.

Sorry can’t help further. Good luck

I’ve been having trouble as well. I’ve been emailing Chip about it since beginning of February, and only just got a “we’re looking at this right now” email on Wednesday with nothing after. Very frustrating, sorry you’re having similar issues. I hadn’t thought to contact Crowdcube, I’ll try them as well, thanks.

I’m not going crazy so! I am sorry you are having the same issue, but it is reassuring for me that I am not imagining it! I haven’t heard back from Chip, which is extremely frustrating. I have invested 5 figures in Chip and I would expect the customer service to be a lot better; on the flip-side, Crowdcube are excellent at it. I don’t think the problem is on their end though from the communications I have had with them. Hopefully, the Chip team is looking into it; I will keep trying to get a response from them in the meantime. I would appreciate it if you would keep me in the loop if you hear anything back. I wish you the best of luck and thank you very much for posting.

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Series C? I thought there was only Series A & B?

There isn’t a series C. I think the poster is referring to the number of the investment maybe so the 3rd round

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Hi Rob - you’re right. It wasn’t called Series C, but I guess I called it that because it was the 3rd investment I made in Chip. I got my share certificate in April of last year.