End Date Bug (Goals)

Not sure if there’s been a post about this before but was reading some reviews (lots of 1 star reviews) about how the End date feature for goals doesn’t work properly. I’ve experienced this problem myself, in fact it’s never worked for me. It doesn’t matter how much I save or how much is in my account the end date is always 2029. Wondering if a fix for this is being worked on? @sarahchip


Two new big updates with Goal feature in last 2 weeks now on iOS 2.9 but still have the bug where end date Goal can only start in 2030! Any idea when fix is coming?

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@Davesanchez Hi Dave, I’m an iOS Developer at Chip.

The releases to Goals were to the UI end of the app, the fix for this particular bug you’ve mentioned has been done on as part of some changes to our backend codebase, this includes a lot of changes to goals in general. We’re hoping it won’t be too long until we can release this! Thanks!