Error cancelling bank verification process

Hi - I had a loop error today when trying to cancel the bank verification. Background - downloaded and opened a new chip account with a deposit today on my iphone. Exploring the options and found the bank verification link in my profile. Clicked on it and then thought I can complete the verification process later if required. N.B. the screenshots cannot be uploaded for some reason - either PNG or Jpeg formats

1/ Clicked on “bank verification” in my profile.
2/ On the next page “Connect with your account” prompt page with the “Allow” button. I change my mind and click on the back button icon < (or the x close screen icon)
3/ The next screen “Are you sure you want to close the screen and go back to Chip?” has 2 options “Yes, Close” and “No, continue”. The " No, Continue" button is highlighted in Green. I click on the “Yes, Close” button.
4/ The pop-up screen opens with the caption - Open in “chip”. The options are ‘Cancel’ and ‘Open’
5/. I am then looped back to step 2

Workaround - Closing the safari browser app and the chip app then reopening the Chip App appears to clear it.

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Hey, thanks for flagging - will pass this onto the team to look into.

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