Errors on the new chip update 4.21.0

Just downloaded the new chip and found some errors between Home Screen and the account area and also some error am getting in goals sections. @Team-Chip

  1. in the home tab got two account names one clear bank showing no returns. But on account sections showing as chip+1 with return - I know this account is going soon but two screens account deatils don’t match.

  2. goals area am not able to change Individual goal pic saving from carema roll on iso 15.1 showing as error message goal image was not uploaded then revert back to the limited pic set by chip.

  3. also the chip goal icon is set as active either tho I currently have the maximum limits of three goals already set up, its letting me set more up unless u have up the limit?

  4. question I see u are allow auto save into investment but it only allow me to auto save into one areas can’t u not divide % share into the whole isa as picking one options will unbalance the whole Isa. Is this feature coming.

  5. I seem to have extra e wallet account and to the app is that the new default account or noice account coming and how is this going work as when u click on the account icon it just diverted to the chip plans options.

Sorry for the long message but really want chip to fix’s these bugs.



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I have to say that I like the style of the app and how it is developing. Definitely moving in the right direction.

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Hi Sherri,

  1. this will be resolved in the 4.22.0 app release

  2. We are working to resolve this now, hopefully this will be sorted by next week

  3. We have upped the limit to 5 goals

  4. This is something one of our teams are scoping out, it’s not a simple feature to build so may take some time.

  5. This is to do with the price plan change it will be sorted soon, it’s not to do with the notice account.

Thanks for giving your feedback on this Sherri, I appreciate it!


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