Even after the thread about moving people onto higher charges

I’ve still been charged £3 this month, even though I never signed up to it. And I never signed up to being charged £1.50 in the first place.

I’m assuming I can get this month’s refunded (how do I do this? The app doesn’t make it easy to contact anyone who might be able to help), but can I get refunded on ALL my Chip monthly fees, given that I never signed up for it and it’s never done me any good?

From within the app, select “Profile” from the bottom menu and then “contract us”, which is towards the bottom of the list.

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Hey Brian,

If you speak to our customer service team on live chat via our website they should be able to help you out on that refund.

Hi, similar problem here. Never knowingly signed up to a fee-paying account and, after seeing this thread, checked my account. Exactly similar to above. I found to difficult to chat to a real person in customer service since it is far too automated so I just withdrew the balance and closed my account. Bit disappointed since I am a shareholder.