Failed deposits into CHIP Easy Access lite account


I tried to make two deposits into my CHIP lite Easy Access account. According to the app my profile is pending verification. I had sufficient funds however the transactions failed. (I have a starling current account). I got a message via the CHIP app asking me to reduce the amount and try again in 24 hours. Why might my transactions have failed? CHIP has my Starling bank account and card numbers.

There is an anti money laundering feature in the background on multiple deposits to all chip accounts I believe. Regardless of who your bank account is with. So I’d just wait the 24 hours as suggested and then try. Set am alarm on your phone or something

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thanks for your response.

One of the things i don’t understand about the app is why when I’ve disabled CHIP AI and I’m on the CHIP lite plan i still seemingly can’t completely disable autosaving into my CHIP Easy Access account.

If you set the minimum bank balance in profile quite high are you still able to make as many manual deposits as you like?

I’m trying to figure out how to get the best interest rates without paying the fee. the AI and autosave are totally unnecessary for me.

On ChipLite, the autosaving is completely disabled. I raised the fact that irrelevant options are still displayed on the Profile page here: ChipLite - Profile - options available

However, Chip do not seem to have updated/fixed this yet.