Goal Bugs & Feedback

The goals side of Chip appear to be fairly buggy for me this is what I’ve found so far -

I have a single goal with the save allocation of 100%, any new saves added to the account are not allocated to the goal. I don’t see any option to add any money from my account total to the goal.

My goal says on track even though theres absolutely no way it can be based on monthly saves from the last 3 months, and the fact no new funds are added to the goal.

Goal images are fairly pointless the inability to upload your own picture or pull a feed from a royalty free library like UnSplash just makes the feature seem rushed.

Theres no option to split goal save allocation in quarters odd, when dealing with percentages. The goals should support a custom percentage anyway but, as a minimum the option 25%, & 75% should be added.

Hi @sarahchip,

I recently hit one of my goals (for my fiancé’s wedding ring - woo!).
When I set up a new goal to replace this, I was given the option to add my unallocated funds to it. The figure I was given had returned my “goal funds” back into the unallocated funds.
It would be great if there was a way to not have funds allocated to a completed goal return into a general pot as, with some oversight, these could accidentally end up allocated to another goal. If there was a way to keep money associated with completed goals separate, that would be brilliant!


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Thanks for your feedback @Samxronn & @lfrentrop!

Goals is going through a bit of a revamp at the moment, and @liamchip is hard at work on that so I’ll give him a nudge to take a look here. :slight_smile: