Goal withdrawal... sigh!

When, when, when are the issues with withdrawing money from a single goal going to be addressed? It’s so frustrating. Twice this week I’ve had to reset my goals. Once for a withdrawal and once for a deposit which should have gone into Chip+1 but got randomly added to my normal Chip account. I can’t be the only one who is getting annoyed by this. Goals are a great feature but are really let down when it comes to withdrawals.


They havent worked for about a year and don’t appear to be a priority to fix it seems. As a result I just deleted my goals as they became pointless as weren’t working anymore :angry:

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Same here, goals dont really work except when starting from scratch.

I have a chunk of money saved and want to create a goal and assign all the saved money into this goal. It cant do it, I have to start from scratch, so yeah not really fit for purpose.

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