Goal withdrawals

Would it be possible to elaborate on if/when an app change will be made to allow you to withdraw from only completed goals?

Right now a withdrawal pulls from all of your funds, including incomplete goals, which means you have to redo them all to reallocate the unallocated funds?

I asked about this in live chat and was told it was under consideration. I asked for a roadmap, I was told to come here…


The best solution would be if your money could be stored in spaces like Starling.

The problem with that is trying to achieve the best return. I think right now Chip can pay 0.3%, whereas you can get 0.5%-2% elsewhere for a few minutes work.

I guess it depends on your goals, and the time your willing to spend setting it up.


Thanks for your reply but unfortunately it’s not entirely appropriate. I’m a Chip investor and this is a Chip forum so being advised to move to Starling isn’t what I’m looking for here.


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Completely agree and share the frustration. The whole goals feature is a waste of time considering you can’t withdraw from a single. I stopped using it a long time ago. Chip’s competitors such as Plum allow you to do this making for a much better and easier UX, seems ridiculous Chip hasn’t implemented this earlier. Until this is done, I can’t make use of one of their main features.


Fair enough. Chip have a lot of catching up to do, to build a viable product to entice users.

Hey there, thanks for this feedback - I’ve passed it on the the VP’s of Design and Product - as usual, your feedback and suggestions are hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @KrishChip, thank you.

I’ve also found a bug/misrepresentation but can’t demonstrate without showing my values. Should I email this in?

That’d be brilliant if possible!

Tacking on to this old post hoping someone will see it.

Is it right that all of my goals have reset to 0 after withdrawing a partial amount?

I know goals are all part of the same pot of money and withdrawals come from the overall balance but I didn’t expect them all to reset completely.

It felt like a bug but after reading this thread I’m wondering if that’s just how it works.

Anyone have the answer?