Goals and total not matching

So I’ve saved xxx.00 and split it across 3 goals, but all the goals say xxx.99 so why is there a 3p difference as adding them up doesn’t match

Just the one goal for me, but yes, the balance listed on my goals page is c. £100 higher than my normal balance figure? (I prefer the goals one :slight_smile: )

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That’s odd! @liamchip, is this something you can look into?

@UsernameTaken @liamdaly This is strange! Let me investigate with the team. Can you confirm if you’re on iOS or Android please? The goal balance should definitely either match up to your main balance, or be less if you have unallocated funds. Definitely not more!

I am on iOS 13 and the latest public beta, can’t remember if it’s the 2nd or 3rd release.

Do you want me to email screenshots?

Yup, iOS too, although still on 12.3.

never thought of checking my goal… its spot on what it should say excluding bonuses…should it be excluding bonus?

just asked my wife to check hers, she had not set one up at the start, the current app is limiting the goal to be £5000? why is this?, also if you set a goal you can not fill it?, £0.01 short?

setting up several goals, my wife can allocate her entire balance to them including the bonus which therefore partially answers my initial question of should i be able to allocate my total balance to the goal(s)

i just set up an additional goal in my own account and I can allocate my remaining balance (all the bonus payments) to that goal which to be honest is even better for me to see the split very easily


I have set up two goals. One is now complete, the other is still going. However, there is about £100 difference between the total of the two goals and my total savings amount.

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Glad I am not the only one having this issue.

My issue with the goals is when I try to set a goal date the earliest I can have is 2029! Is this a known issue? Or does chip secretly know I’m sh1t at saving! :blush:

@Davesanchez Yep, at the moment the goal end date is based on how much the goal is for and your current Chip saving amounts, and it calculates the end date for you. Although there are a lot of changes in the pipeline for Goals, and one of them is to allow you to select any date you like and then Chip will give you a little nudge if you need to save more to hit that. :smiley:

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@liamchip - As you are already aware by now is is happening for IOS and Android users (I’m an Android User) and reported this back on 13/11, I started seeing this issue on 12/11.

Customer Service have advised that I create a new user and close my account as this should fix the goals issue of it being out of sync with how much I’ve saved. Surely this can be fixed with an update and not me having to close my account??

I’ve closed my account and opened again and I still have the issue you can only set end end date 2029 no matter what…

That’s a definite bug which I know for sure ids being worked on. I’ll give @liamchip a nudge to see if he can pop on here later today with an update on the other Goals improvements which are being worked on. :slight_smile:

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@sarahchip I can understand from a Dev perspective that this defect is not that much of a priority as others and it seems from what I can tell it didn’t always happen. When I first joined up in October I didn’t see this issue. Sorry not sure I know what version was out in early October, maybe you can check on my history as to when I had the account? Not sure whether you can check the version I was on originally to when it started happening??? Im now on version 2.6 (20238), the version where Secure Logins were fixed :slight_smile:

Now you’ve deployed Dark mode on Android, can we get this defect fixed, Dark Mode is just a nice to have, non critical to financial information being incorrect, just saying.

Goals are being worked on, but they do require a fair bit of backend work as well as frontend. Dark Mode, on the other hand, was a fairly simple bit of frontend work :slight_smile:

Had an autosave yesterday and checked my goals and it seems it’s now in line with my total as my goal is 100% allocation? Don’t think anything has changed. I’m on 20249…