Goals feature in app needing to be updated

Hi @Team-Chip @SimonChip

Is there timeframe to look at developing the goals area of the app, 1) so u can withdrawn money from one specific goal without effecting whole balance, 2) be able to edit up or down target value. 3) Used money direct from save pop to drop lumps sun. 4) be able to see in real time the extra saving value between the different level ie what difference between 3 and 4 saving value? 5) the calendar feature to be more realistic and linked more closer to your saving pot. 6) goals create up to five but % split does not quite match, would u consider adding 10% feature and maybe having max saving pot against it so al feature still works. 7) Also AI seem to be getting slower and clashes with pay day put away days

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@FredChip any chance the team could look at my Original feed about goals feature needed update.

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@SimonChip @Team-Chip I am also struggling with the goals feature and wondering whether it’s a bug that all goals reset to 0 after withdrawing any money?

If not then the feature is essentially useless as we can’t withdraw once goals are hit without resetting every goal (and having to remember exactly how much was allocated to each).

It would be great to know whether this is a feature you are looking to develop further as it could be so useful.

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