Goals Improvements

Hello everyone! We are working on some exciting changes throughout the app and are always looking for feedback from everyone to ensure we are releasing updates that will be enjoyed!

One area that I’m working on at the moment within goals, is the target date section. Currently, it serves a purpose but doesn’t work how we want it to. One of the limitations is that we currently only allow you to tap on a date that we have calculated you can save by. We are thinking of scrapping this and giving you the freedom to pick whatever date you want.

I’ve attached a few screens below - let me know what you think, and also suggest any other features/improvements with goals that you’d love to see!

Have a great day!!


This would be perfect, along with the opportunity to move money between goals/edit the amount in there.


What happens if you pick a date that you’re unlikely to hit? Is the system going to give you a warning of this, and if you choose to ignore that is it going to increase the weekly saves and/or give you warnings?

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That’s a great point. Ideally we will want to get to a point where if we can tell that you aren’t going to hit your goal, then we will try and help you by giving prompts to either increase your savings level, make a manual save on your next pay day, move money from a different goal etc.


Good stuff, otherwise you are at risk of setting people up for failure and end up with disgruntled customers.

Can you also leave it open-ended? Say, I want an emergency fund of £2k but I don’t need to have it in the next six months, but do have two other goals I need to hit in that time-frame, so anything over what is required for those two must-hit goals just siphons off into my emergency fund?

Thats a great idea. Might be a crazy idea, due to limitations, but it would be great if you could set a date and then the app work your automatic savings from that. Help you hit goals quicker

I would like goals that work similar to the ‘Pots’ feature that Monzo has.

The fact that you can allocate percentages of your future saves is great, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to move money in or out of your Goal, once you’ve set it up.

I would like the ability to add money already in my chip account to a Goal after it’s been created, as well as features to maybe add a manual save directly into a goal pot and maybe withdraw a goal pot all at once.

The option to have more than 3 goals would also be useful.

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And the option to delete goals any time if set up goal is ‘emptied’, and also once target has been reached.

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@liamchip is there anything being developed to be able to withdraw money from a goal but still have it count towards it. For example I want to save for a holiday in a year, let’s say I want to spend £1000, throughout the year I need to pay for flights, accom etc which I pay on my credit card. From my goal pot for the holiday I want to be able to pay off my CC for these costs, but still show as reaching my goal.