Goals issue following withdrawal

I withdrew everything from my standard Chip account to move to the Interest account.

I now have one goal in a negative amount and another goal still showing money despite there not being any in there!

I’ve had this issue, you just have to delete the goals and start it up again, there’s actual fix I believe.

Thanks. I’ll wait to see what someone from Chip says as deleting and remaking isn’t really a fix!

There a few little bugs with the current goals feature, that’s why it’s being completely revamped and launching again later in the year as part of chip 3.0!

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Hi @Mde1982 & @Davesanchez

Niamh here from the Product Team.
Goals is something we are aware of number of small bugs and hopefully in the next few weeks you will see some real improvements made to the current working of Goals.

Also our Design and user experience team are gathering feedback on a variety of improvements we can make with this here is a thread that they are currently gathering feedback on.

I will keep in touch regarding the planned release of these fixes with the current Goals. In the meantime the only thing that could be a benefit is if you do go ahead and delete the goals until we have made those changes.

Hope this is somewhat helpful! Hope you both have a lovely evening and as always we appreciate the feedback and input to making the product better :slight_smile:
Let me know if there is anything else,

I do not trust the Goals calculation in any way, shape or form today.

It seems stuck (for me) on a 2030 realisation even when I moved sliders between goals and even when I was a single save away. It refuses to move the date irrespective of the % I choose to allocate.

I think this is the bug mentioned here: End Date Bug (Goals)

Quite right. Appears that the bug-squashing is running a bit slow … maybe the target goal for closure is also stuck in 2030 and unable to be brought forward.

For a company built on “Clever algorithms”, the bug doesn’t assist credibilty of these algorithms.