Goals Using All Accounts

It would be good if Goals could actually use the savings in ALL accounts and not just the Instant Access Chip default account. After all its the same money just moved between different accounts to get interest where there is no interest on the default chip account


Hey Mark,

This has been changed. I can now autosave to the Chip +1 account

yes i am aware you can set chip+1 (but not the HTB) account as the default for the autosaves but my point was that Goals only look at the funds in the standard Chip Instant access acount. if i move money from that accout to the chip+1 then my Goals are not considering all funds in all accounts when i would like them to otherwise my Goals are now pointless

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Hey Mark, thanks for this feedback - will pass it on!

Hi @MarkEllam, Goals does take into account balance from Chip+1 and the standard Chip account (not the HTB account). There is a visual bug currently with the balance at the top which our engineers are fixing but autosaves get directed into goals which ever account you autosave into.


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Ah ok. So maybe is because my deposit is ‘processing’ ? Only when processed will the goal take the funds into account ?

My goals are not taking into account what is deposited in the chip +1 account . I’ve deleted and recreated the goal with no effect.

An issue with the goals is that they aren’t actually linked to any money. For example, if I have three goals with different allocations, if I make a withdrawal the money comes out of the account and therefore all goals balances drop. I should be able to withdraw from a single goal and not have it affect all of them

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