Green Screen only

Hi i am using a Mi Mix 3 device which i am currently only getting a blank green screen when opening the app. I have done a clear data wipe and a reinstall as well reboots with no such luck.

Currently using version 2.6 this did happen on previous version as well.

Hi @cobray, a fix for this went out yesterday. Can you please check the Play Store for the update?

Hi sarah,
I am currently using the latest version 2.6 that is on the play store. Thanks

Thanks for letting me know! The developers are looking into this now!

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Hi cobray,

I’m Tommy and I work on the engineering team here at Chip. It looks like this issue is device specific, we run our tests against an array of devices to ensure that functionality works. But in this case, it seems there’s an issue and we apologise for the inconvenience. We’re debugging the problem at the moment. You mentioned this wasn’t working previously? Can you remember the last version of the app that worked for you?

Thanks you.

Hi Tommy,
Chip stopped working roughly at the start of the month but it was working during all of October but i can’t mind what version that was but i am sure it was the latest version at that time. I am using a beta ROM running android 10 so this maybe part of the problem as well.

Hi Cobray,

That does sometimes impose a probability that the app may not function as per specification when using BETA versions. I’m going to do some digging, whilst also trying to simulate your phone spec and trying to see where the problem is generated from.

A few other users have noted this problem and we’re investigating. We may have an interim fix lined up shortly. We will keep you posted.


Thanks Tommy.
Understand that completely.

Thanks again.

No worries.

Out of curiosity have you enabled Developer options on your phone? If yes, do you have animations disabled / enabled?

Thanks Tommy

Hi Tommy,
Yes I have enabled Developer Options but have animations disabled under accessibilitys which would do the same thing as threw developer options.

Yes enabling animations has fix it woohoo!

Great help Tommy thanks!
Will next update repair this so I won’t need animations?

Hi Cobray,

Glad we got to the bottom of this, we’ve now worked on a fix that entitles users who have developer options enabled with Animations disabled, to still access their chip account.

The release has been pushed to the play store and should be with you in a couple of hours.

Let us know how you get on.


Hello, I am also having the same problem. The screen goes green (chip Green) and nothing else. I tried to go to the Play Store for an update but I cannot find Chip on there anymore since I have changed my country settings. I moved away from the UK and Chip is not available outside the UK. Will I be able to get an update?

Thanks! I am trying to install it but Play Protect does not allow the installation since it does not recognize the app’s developer. Is there a way around this?

You’d need to either change your Play Protect settings to allow the install, or change your country settings in the Play Store to download the update from there.

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Hi Tommy,

Thanks for all the great work.
I can inform that i have tested the update out and it has worked perfect.
I have done a clear data on the app and was able to log back into the app without any problems.

A* service thank you.

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I changed the settings on Play Protect to allow for the update but still the not been able to install. I cannot change the country back to the UK either since one can only change country one time per year and I only just changed this 2 months ago. Any other suggestions ?