Have you experienced savings guilt or anxiety?

Hey guys, Chip’s Content Writer, Sheridan, here!

Do you find yourself feeling guilty for not saving? Do you think there is an overarching societal expectation to save once you’ve hit a certain age? Do you think this is just?

Similarly, do you feel anxious to save even though you’re not sure what for?

If you’ve got a personal story to share, a opinion to impart or a bone to pick, leave a comment below or email me at sheridan@getchip.uk

It does feel like it.
If you don’t save and keep aside seems you aren’t aloud much, as for example a house.
Ownership is really difficult, I’m a selfemployed artist to be on my 30’s.
Feels like is expected for me to have certain things that 20years ago were much more easier, as to buy a house.
I checked the other day out if curiosity and say a minimum £3k deposit would aloud u a £80k morgatge, the options for that are minimal. So for a decent home you’ll need min £20k deposit to be able to acquire a decent mortgage. (for a couple with £30k a year income approx)
Making things harder for people like me without a payslip were to prove all the income and that there is a continuity on wage amount.
I also wanted to travel so that ads on to the budgeting making things be balanced on a daily basis to what should we do?
As for now guaranteed ain’t worthy a mirgatge but the access to a property should become easier for everyone.
I used this as examples, there are many other things that could be applied.
Also feeling bad for using your savings in emergencies due you know how hard it took and it all went off quicker than arrived.

It is fair to say that I experience savings anxiety. I just want to put enough away for ‘the rainy day.’ Planning a family and expecting babies in the near future, it is paramount that I put away money now, thereby creating a buffer when the time comes.
My attitude towards money prior to Chip was get it and spend it! My savings habits were shocking and it would be fair to say almost nonexistent. To be honest, savings should be considered a life skill everyone should have.
My outlook towards saving changed due to circumstances; I was tired of being broke, helpless and not to mention the fact that I hate asking for ‘soft loans.’
Chip has really made me sit up and take note! I actually look forward to seeing the autosave notifications every four days.