Hidden charges notice

Interested to see people saying they haven’t seen the email about new charges. I went back in my emails to see and found it, I would call hidden, at the bottom of an email about other things, so it’s possible many may have missed it. I think something so important should have been the subject of the email not an addition to other news.
What I was happy about was there will be no charge for moving money within chip. The only problem with that is that all this time down the line it seems it still can’t actually be done. I’d like to move money from Allica to the 90 day notice account yet I’m still forced to withdraw it then deposit it again. Why would I do that when having withdrawn it I can then deposit it elsewhere at a higher interest rate, and withdraw without notice or fees? It is looking as though that’s what I’ll be doing as loyalty isn’t working with Chip. You love to bring in new features without sorting out existing problems.


Do you mean the email below, sent 12 Aug? It mentions fee changes right at the top so I don’t see how the notice could be referred to as hidden.

I notice what you are showing there is a screenshot. I could do the same by sending part of an email but in fact mine was sent 12 Aug 20:15 and is the only one. It starts with “New feature dropping in 3, 2, 1,.” Talking about Prize Savings Account. And “Win over £10,000 every month” Then moves to “Fine wine investing”. Ending as many investment emails do about capital being at risk etc. But scrolling past that it mentions Update to Chip terms. Change to fees. And scrolling further the first thing you notice, in bold, is It will continue to be free to open and hold a standard chip account. Again, in bold, “We’re removing the 0.25% annual investing platform fee”.
Only twice, in plain print does it mention “adding fair usage fees” which appears in the paragraph saying “It will continue to be free”. And further down “Whilst were raising the ChipX subs fee, ChipX members will be exempt from the fair usage fees”. Eventually, a link to “You can find the fee changes explained in full here”. Which I had a quick look at and was totally confused.
So as I said, hidden in my opinion. And I think as someone who is supposed to be informed by law about fee changes my opinion matters. I wouldn’t even have known, or noticed them if I hadn’t come across a message from a fellow saver mentioning it and started searching for any info about it. You are well aware that people are saying they haven’t received the email and that’s only the ones who’ve heard about fees elsewhere like me so it’s clear you are not advertising the fact well enough or consistently. It also seems odd that I have a different email to you supposedly. Wouldn’t it make more sense to send everyone the same email as a notice about fee changes, in the spirit of the rules, rather than different emails, to some and not others, and fee changes as an addendum.


The email I received on 12 Aug was in the same format as you described, ie changes to fees being the 3rd item. I agree that changes to Ts&Cs should communicated separately to announcements concerning new or recent features.
Maybe an isolated view, but I feel the new feature such as Prize Savings Account and Alternative Investments are moving further and further away from the original features that attracted me to save with and invest in CHIP.


It seems that for whatever reason you haven’t received the service message email announcing the new fees. This is clearly an error but it’s different to it being “hidden”.

Why would I be aware and why are you responding to me as if I work for Chip?

I wasn’t aware either other than reading about the increased charge on here.

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I have also only received the “New feature dropping in 3, 2, 1…” email and agree with @Imawalrus and @Neil that these changes are ‘hidden’ at the bottom of the email and easily missed by recipients.

I don’t think it’s an error as you assume and would go as far as wondering if the email actually meets the legal/regulatory requirements for informing customers of a change in T&C.

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You think they are deliberately choosing not to send the “service message: terms update” email to certain users?

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I imagine they have various versions of the email and sent different versions to various customer groups (based on product/services used etc).

Hey all. The fees notice was to get the ball rolling as companies must give 2 months notice before introducing any fees of this kind. There was no intention to hide this - we’ll be communicating loudly and clearly about this come September once we’re able to go into greater detail about the changes, particularly regarding the new ChipX perks. As always, your feedback and thoughts will be essential to this process, and I look forward to being able to hear from you.


Perhaps the fact some people got it and some didn’t has created a bit more confusion than if everyone had been sent the information at the same time.


IANAL but I believe if a T&C change is not communicated in a sufficiently prominent manner (i.e. “hidden”) then it doesn’t count as the start of the notice period.

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Still not had an email about this :man_shrugging:t2:

Because it hasn’t been sent out yet