HTB - Easy access

Hello. I am quite new to Chip. What is the point of the locked “HTB - Easy access” account, and what does “currently at capacity” mean, please?

This account was open for deposits from some people from last year (and indeed still is open for those people). Unfortunately, Hampshire Trust Bank, who provide the account, would only accept a limited amount of deposits. Therefore, the account is closed to new applications.

Possibly, in the future, it will be available again, I guess, but until that point it will remain locked for those users who do not already have access.

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To add to Ben’s reply, during the current climate banks are reluctant to hold large amounts of cash reserves (as it actually costs them to do it) so this account was limited to a max number of users. If that changes then it remains to be seen…

It would make sense not to show accounts to people that do not have access to avoid confusion such as this.

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How much can you put in this account in total?

85k I believe in 5k batches

The HTB account only pays 0.3% so you’re not missing much, the Chip+1 account is much better (for up to 10K)