Incentives not being processed

Hi there, the friend who I introduced to Chip, who did 3 autosaves, told me this morning they hadn’t received their invitation bonus — it was meant to be £5, received 30 days after the second autosave. The second save was on 30 August, so now we are well over 30 days.

It was rectified today after they messaged. But this makes me question if this is a bug or not properly automated?

Could Chip please look into this and provide a response?

This does not give new customers a good impression of the app or trust in Chip.

Hey there - looking into this for you now - thanks for flagging!

I’ve had the same issue with the friend I invited also. Was giving it some more time but August I’ll chase this up as well. Keep us posted on the progress.

Yep, will do Aneka! Feel free to message our CS team in the mean time if you need any help on that.