Instant saver interest


I’ve recently opened the instant saver and manually put money into it. It says that the interest occurs daily in the account, which is started doing.
It’s now stopped incurring daily intrest since 24th June. Is this a bug? When will the interest start occuring again?

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Hi! Just looked and mine is the same.

Same for me too, 24th last interest date.

Hi all, thanks for flagging! Can I check whether you’ve all messaged Live Chat about this issue so they can look into your account? If not, please DM me your phone number and email address associated with your Chip account so I can let them know :slight_smile:

I’m missing 25th June interest payment.

Hi Dan, we’re working on a fix for this as we speak :slight_smile: I assure you that the interest has been accrued it’s just not showing up on the screen - have you flagged this internally through Live Chat as well?

I note mine missed a previous date but then a future date paid twice, so I expect this could happen again. However, as Kris says, if you have a query like this start a chat through the app and someone will look into it and usually sort it immediately. I will be doing just that with my final bonus payment which I know will be incorrect.

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Thank you everyone
I will go to chat next time