Interest Account query

Hello all,

Is it possible to set up autosaves to the interest bearing account? And when will it be possible to push from chip to the interest account. Also will the features in chip become available in the interest bearing accounts?


I spoke with live chat today and they said

"at the moment we can only accept deposits for interest accounts directly from your linked bank, the ability to deposit directly from your Chip account will be coming soon!”

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Hi both!

@Natty80 is correct - whilst this is not currently available, we will be offering this later down the line :slight_smile:

Thanks. I knew it was only from the linked bank but can we yet set up on that some of the things available to the chip account. Autosave, payday save etc. Seems like it shoudl be reasonably straightforward as the functionality exists for chip today. Pushing from chip I get is an enhancement request and needs scoping, and specing but the other microservice fucntions shoudl be fairly straightforward surely?


Hi Jon - all these things are in the works. I can’t speak for the technical side of things - but do know that it goes without saying we want to add autosaves etc to the interest account to complete the Chip experience :slight_smile: