Interest not posting in February

Unless I’ve missed something my 3.0% account or bonus has not posted this month. The bonus counter reset but there’s been no credit to my account on the 2nd or 3rd of February.

As I’ve said, I may be missing something here but any reassurance would be welcome!

I’m positive the returns are paid on the first Tuesday of every money. So you should get the bonus tomorrow!

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I think the amount currently showing pending is wrong, I’ve got 15k in there since last year and it’s showing £7.39 pending. Even by my poor maths the bonus should be £37.50! :thinking:

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I think my bonus amount pending is also incorrect. It’s less than last month’s bonus amount despite my balance being much higher this month. @Team-Chip

Yep I don’t think my looks right either @Team-Chip cause of the transfer over to interest soon , how do we look at accounts calculation?

Hey all, thanks for the messages regarding the bonus tracker - we’re looking into this now!


Looks good now :+1: thanks