Interest saving accounts - when?!

Hi all,

Just wanted to understand what the hold up is on interest saving accounts? I find it hard to justify sending money to chip which does nothing for me. Is there a timeline for when these will be available?

For the meantime, I’ve left chip run as normal to get the “amount you can save”, Cancel the transaction, then move it into an interest paying account. I would prefer not do have to do this.


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Hey Sean,

So currently all investors have access and yesterday Chipmunks received access. Next week we’re actually beginning the full user base roll out (very exciting).

Saying that, if you go into Live chat in the app, I’ve just spoken to the team and they can sneak you in. Say “Alex sent you” :slight_smile:



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Hi @Cullen411, pop into LC and I’ll sort this out for you :slight_smile:

Thanks folks! I appreciate the quick response! Looking forward to saving with Chip!

Hi, I am a chipmunk but don’t appear to have access to the interest account.

Hi @actlatham , I’d love the get my savings locked in with some interest now, really appreciate if it’s possibly to get this. Regards Eric

Hey Eric, have you managed to pop into Live Chat and send the team a message there?

Hello! I’m a Chipmunk and recent investor. I got access to the interest account a few months ago, but that access was revoked a few days later. And still nothing coming up to say anything about when access will be available. Can anyone help?

Hi Carrie, sorry about this! Our HTB interest account rollouts have been halted slightly, however we after coming out with a new product super soon (think next week or so) that we think will be a brilliant alternative :slight_smile:

Thanks, Krish. Looking forward to that.