Internal cash transfer button

Hi @Team-Chip just wondering will the internal cash transfer feature even be released so can move cash from saving account to goals to like top them up. I did vote on feature back in Dec but not hear of that will even be design for the app?



Cash to cash transfers are in the pipeline for the coming months, we’ll provide an update closer to the time.

With regards to Goals however, I believe this feature is not in the agenda for the short-term as we work on improving other aspects of the core product. This includes Alternatives Assets launches, building out our investment product, and some unique additions to the savings product that we’ll be able to share with you in the coming weeks.

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Thanks for update good to know somethings are being worked on. Pls can you note the goals feature on app to be looked at at least within end of the year. Using it is getting very frustrating? :pray:t5::+1:t5: