Investment balance wrong

Last night my investment balance on main investment screen was completely wrong. Balances correct when in individual accounts/funds. This appears to be now correct this morning but concerning to me obviously to have something so incorrect last night. Also despite having my bank details (I have made deposits/withdrawals) I am being asked to reconnect my account for auto saves doesn’t make sense as said you have account details & it works for deposits etc? Are either of these know glitches? Would like some reassurance as this is not great for a banking app

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Re reconnecting for autosaves: the Open Banking rules dictate that you have to reconfirm sharing access to your account (transaction activity) every 90 days. The autosave amounts are determined by Chip analysing your linked account activity to decide how much to take so for them to work properly you will need to reconnect every 90 days.

Not sure about your other query.