Investor access


Can anyone assist me with sorting out my investor access?

Hi Nathan, sure thing! Just DM’d you :slight_smile:

Hi Krish, can you do the same for me too please.

Hi Naz, are you able to DM me with your name and email please?

Hi Krish, not sure how to do a DM

I’ve sent you one now, so you can just reply :slight_smile:

Hi all, are you able to request access here please!

And me please, Krish

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I have already says I can’t request again

Hi Krish, any update?

Hi Nathan, looking into this for you right now as it doesn’t seem to have registered your initial request - hold right and i’ll update this thread asap :slight_smile:

Hi Krish, I still don’t think I have access either.

Hey all, you’ve been added to the investor section.

Locking this thread now - direct message me if any issues.