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Hi there,
I’m a newbie here and recently opened a chip account. Are there any additional benefits of being a chip investor?

Hi Sanjeev,

With each investment round we normally release rewards that go along with how much people decide to invest through Crowdcube. You also get insight into the exclusive process behind developing certain features, investor only Q&As with members of our c-suite, etc.

Thanks. Could you point me to an archive location where I could refer back to?

Hi Sajeev, sorry i’m a bit confused on this - do you mean past investor rewards? We’re not currently crowdfunding at the moment, so aren’t opening our investor community for the time being - but! If you’d like to join our investor community keep an eye out on the Forum and we’ll let you know when it next opens :slight_smile:

This sounds like someone fishing for info to me…competitor or a journo…:thinking:

Neither. I work as a technical program manager and has subscribed to the last crowd funding. Since I missed out on the previous rewards or entitlements of being an investor, was asking if there is a place I could go and refer those! Can’t believe this could be so confusing! Never mind!

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Hey Sanjeev, if you’re someone who has already invested in Chip through Crowdcube, shoot me a message on here with your details and i’ll look up perks for you :slight_smile:

No worries @rh73 :slight_smile:
@KrishChip what info do you need from me? I will try and ping you a DM (let me figure it out)

If you click on my profile picture it should come up with a ‘message’ option! Just shoot me the email you used for Crowdcube when you invested :slight_smile:

Did you get my message properly?

Hey Sanjeev, I just checked - yep it came through okay!

All the archive “perks” are available in crowdcube. The round or rounds you invested in will show in your portfolio. Click on them you can then scroll along to Equity you can see the perks by clicking on the small i for further information at every investment level.

Hope this helps!