Investor forum access

Having invested in the latest round, I was hoping to get access to the investor community but don’t know where else to find or ask this.

Many thanks


I’m in the same position.

Also in the same position

It’s Facebook, “Chip Investors”, apply to join.

Hi all, there’s a link in the Community Banner in which you can apply for Investor Access :slight_smile:

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Hi Krish,
I can’t see the link on the banner, how can I apply?

Click on the “hamburger” menu and select “groups”. There should be a Request button against the investor group.

I did that about a month ago and I’ve not received any notification. Still waiting to be added to the forum.

Same here. I applied and have heard nothing back.

Hi Nicholas, sorry for this, you have now been added into the investor forum.

Many thanks. Issue is sorted now.


Hello, I put in a request for the investor forum – have invested in at least two rounds at this email address cheers! :slight_smile:

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