Investor Rewards

Good morning,
Could you tell me when the investor rewards are due to be sent out? Both my husband and I have responded to requests for sizing but nothing has been received to date, investments were made in both October 2021 and March 2022 by both of us, thanks.


I mentioned this on Facebook but thought I’d reply here too for others to see. They should be being shipped this month (we’ve unfortunately had some supply issues)! We’ll update everyone with more details once this is at that stage.

Thanks for the update Nik

Hi Nik,

I received some socks, which I presume is for the investment made in March this year but still awaiting the investor rewards for the first investment I made back in October 2021, almost a year ago! Do you have an update on that please?

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Hi Nik

Some of us don’t use Facebook and other social media
I would much appreciate things being on the Chip forum as that is our community and not Facebook
We are Chip users and investors
Why on Facebook before Chip, I don’t get this