Invoices from Chip

I noticed a £1 withdrawal by Chip from my account last month and now this. When did Chip start charging? I find two invoices for the same under my profile in the app but have not received them in my email and cannot find a notification that I will be charged. Did I miss something?

I had always supposed the account was paid for by the fact that they would be able to invest my money while it was in my Chip account.

I have not been offered the interest account yet.


Charges for the autosaving element were introduced on 3rd June. Several threads refer to this - search “charge” on the forum.

Also see the terms - section 8


Yes, I see the thread now. But with so much discussion about it why did it not appear in the community summary? Why wasn’t I emailed the invoices? Why did I have to stumble across it and get narked-off about it? I won’t be alone. My instant reaction was to withdraw my money and when I saw the tiny note at the bottom of the app under my profile telling me about the charge - I realised it was because I had saved over £100 in 28 days. So my next reaction is to scale back my saving rate. I see myself being illogical in my response, but it is largely because I wasn’t told whereas I am continually being messaged about how wonderful the interest account is that I don’t have access to. lol

I believe a change of terms & conditions email was sent out. I’m sure I remember getting & reading something!

There were some emails about this, can’t recall exactly when but it was sent out - the pitfalls of this technology is that the best way to communicate most changes is by email, unfortunately there’s a lot that can go wrong (over-eager spam filters, people not reading, people using email addresses to sign up that aren’t actually used, etc. etc.).

I do agree that something could (and perhaps should) have been put on the chatbot or made more clear in the app on this. The latest email (sent last night!) outlines an increase in fees in October and does say this will be clearly displayed in the app, so I think there’s been lessons learned here :slight_smile: