iOS App Widgets

With the new iOS 14 released today does Chip have plans for an app Widget? Would be a great little feature/quirk.
I’m sure a lot of developers are currently racing to get theirs out there - especially considering Apple’s quick release- how high up on the list is it for Chip?

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Hiya @Viney,

I can share this is something we have dabbled in over the last couple of months. I have built a proof of concept using the new Widget API & written in SwiftUI. Sadly the Widget API was still changing quite frequently when I was building the widget, literally changed the day I was working on it!

There will be a fairly decent uptake of widgets because it is new & shiny, however SwiftUI still is quite buggy & no way near as broad as UIKit.

The design team has been doing some research about what the widget should be displaying. I believe there was something shared on the Facebook group a couple of weeks back? Might be worth having a look if you’ve got any ideas!

But it’s definitely something we’re enthusiastic about getting into users hands & listening to their feedback so we can iterate and improve the experience!

Watch this space!


Wouldn’t having financial details displayed on a widget pose a bit of a security risk? I get that you may have Face ID or a passcode lock enabled from the outset and that your Chip account should have one of these as well but still…

Hiya @BC1973,

That’s definitely a consideration, however by financial details, do you mean their accounts within Chip & their current balance? Monzo did have an pre-iOS 14 widget that showed your balance which is probably as sensitive as it can get in Chip’s case.

We could show someone’s current save streak, when their next payday put away is, available accounts to open, autosave allocations, savings level.

These features are certainly less sensitive but we’re always keen to build features the community wants rather than features they won’t use.