Join investor group

I submitted my investor group request a few days ago and still not been approved

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Hi Amar, will look into this for you!

Hello I have still not been granted access

+1 still not been approved for the investor forum, 21 days and counting

Hi both, sorry on the delay on this - will make sure it’s sorted this week!

Still no access … :cry:

Me too, i requested access a good few weeks ago, tried to re-request access but unable to as already requested. Thank you

Shocking tbh as an investor 14 July I created this post over a month ago 19 days ago you promised within the week absolutely unsatisfied

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay here, we had some issues with the forum software, but that’s all been fixed now.

all of you have been accepted.


Hi Alex, I would like access to investor group
With thanks Anupam

Hi Alex

I would also like access to the investor group, many thanks


I’ve requested access to the investor group too however I haven’t had a response yet.

Request to join investor group sent several days ago. Thanks! :+1:

I’ve been a shareholder for months and have made request to join the group months ago too. I’ve yet to be accepted…