Joint Account or Household Account

Hi is there a plan to have a joint or a household account where the auto saves or deposit can come from me and partner into one account… the challenge with the current set up I have is my partner can’t see or access any of the funds in my Chip account.

If we had the feature to have a common household account where I could give my partner access to my account it would be immensely helpful.


This seems like a good idea - since banks can do joint accounts, Chip should be able to.

There might be withdrawal restrictions that each person can only withdraw the money that they have contributed for AML reasons, but both users would be able to see the total balance of the account.

There was discussion, probably a year or more ago now, about having team goals, which would sort of link with this in the sense of having a common balance which all users in the “team” can see even if they can only withdraw their “share” of the total.


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