Latest update deposit glitch

Tried to make a deposit via debit card and will only allow £250 but when click on Apple Pay it allows me to pay up to £5000…I updated my app on 21st March

It is the same when trying to invest as just tried to put £250 in to the new FTSE 100 index fund and when I click via debit card it says at end add money with :green_apple:pay

Hello @smashdurant - really sorry about this, hopefully you’ve upgraded to the new app version (4.28.1) which fixes this issue already, but if not head to the app store now and you should be able to successfully use card payments, apple pay payments, and a new cash savings transfer option to add money to your FTSE 100 fund!

Where’s the cash savings transfer option?

Ah found it. That was sneaked in without knowing

Hey @rh73 there will be a big shout about it this week! Just wanted to explain why we had the issue that I know affected a few users on iOS, but you’ll be hearing the good news shortly.

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Great. Was the transfer button decided against then? Still good progress :raised_hands::+1:

As the transfer is only currently available for deposits into an already opened Investments fund, we’re keeping it ring fenced to the ‘Add Money’ button. However, we know there’s a big future in transferring funds and the Transfer button is very much still on the radar as we expand between multiple products!

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Cool good to hear. Will use the transfer feature as soon as

I had same glitch on internal transfer for investment some sections it’s take the money twice but not update the total balance my isa but take money off the total in my other account. @Team-Chip

It’s taken away your comma function also :joy:

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Hi @hall35 if you’d like to send me a message with your email address, I’d be happy to take a look at this for you! You should see any pending transfers into your investments funds, so if something looks amiss I’m sure we can sort it out for your ASAP.

Unfortunately spoke to James within Chris team, and did not catch pending elements so could not recall. The glitch on my investment showing 0 has now been fix by chip. Is there Possibility to add a cancel button within place investment area?, for this sort of reason two payments going to same investment pot by mistake.