Link to Co-operative Bank

Hi, in the reviews of Chip I can see that the co-op bank is supposed to be able to connect to Chip, but it isn’t listed in app when I try to make the connection.

Is it possible to link to a co-op bank account?



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@AoifeChip @SimonChip I’m assured that it’s currently being looked into by the team and their open banking operator truelayer as we speak and that a resolution is hopefully reached by close of play today :pray:t2:

Hi, any update on this? Still not able to see co-op bank in the list when trying to connect my account?
Thanks, Mike

Hey Mike, are you able to pop into Live Chat, the team there will be able to give you a breakdown of which banks we’re currently able to connect to through the app :slight_smile:

Hi, can do.
Thanks, Mike

Thanks Mike - let me know if there’s anything else :slight_smile:

Hi! Just going to jump in with an update that we’ve had regarding the Open Banking implementation of Co-Op bank with Chip.

“Co-op’s implementation hasn’t changed sadly so we won’t be able to support it for the time being (see here - Our approach to meeting PSD2 regulatory compliance is to provide access via modified customer interfaces - this is akin to screen scraping, which we no longer support)”

So unfortunately until this changes we will not be able to fully support Co-Op users.

We will update our website and comms accordingly until something changes.