Linking to bank fails

Unable to link bank acc so can’t withdraw funds from Chip.

My app requires re-authorisation every 90 days of any link from Chip to another bank (Natwest for me).

I’ve clicked the link within the Chip app to link accounts. It redirects me via Chrome and I select yes to making the link and do the same within the Natwest app. It pops up on Natwest app that accounts are linked and tries to redirect me to Chip via Chrome but nothing happens with Chip.
It’s back to the start and I keep authorising and getting back to this same point every time but nothing is authorised in Chip after. I can’t withdraw any funds from Chip to my Natwest account.

I use an Android phone. Unclear why the Chip app doesn’t autointerface with other apps directly rather than using Chrome pages in between. Seems to be source of problem and I can’t change it to direct to app only.

Any help appreciated!!


Hey, guys, I’m in the same position, and I’m trying to withdraw money now to get on with my home purchase process. This snag is having a real impact.

There have been no comms, responses, or acknowledgments of this issue.

can someone please assist in resolving this issue as a matter of URGENCY, please

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cant upload any images here either- more errors on chip forum portal :frowning:

For individual issues you should really go via help in the app or email

I don’t know why, but sometimes if you use phone data rather than WiFi (or vice versa) then it may work.