Lost Accrued Interest

Has anyone else noticed they have lost their accrued interest? Am I right in saying there is bug here?

Considering I’m an investor it’s quite worrying the level of bugs and issues people are finding with lost money etc then their feedback on app stores as well as trust pilot.

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Hi! You haven’t lost anything; don’t worry.

There is a bug, but only a visual one. Your bonus is accruing and updating as it should in the background, but due to that bug, it’s not showing in the app.

Our dev team are aware, and it’s on the list to be fixed soon.

I’m facing the same issue.

Right ok, please drop a note in here when this is fixed.

@sarahchip on this post you said that whilst the bug means interest accrued is not showing on the app, it is calculating in the background and we will not lose anything. Well, I have just been paid my interest and only got the balance showing on my account ie the not updated amount . So you are mistaken as my accrued balance hadn’t updated for 2 weeks. This is a serious error and leads me to believe I cannot trust what you say. This is very disappointing!

So it’s not just a visual. My interest hasn’t updated in weeks. Just paid out and I got the visual amount not the correct one. I’ve trued messaging in app and heard nothing. Please can someone come back to me!

Hi all, just reposting what I popped in the other thread to make sure no one misses it:

So, to update, the accrual issue is now fixed, so your bonus will accrue as it should and this will be shown in the app. I do apologise for the misinformation that it was only a visual issue.

However, as you’ll have noticed, you’ll be missing some bonus from where the accrual wasn’t working. This will be applied to your current accrual so you won’t miss out on anything at all.

We don’t have a timeline for when that missing bonus will be applied, but as soon as I get an update on that I will let you all know.

This is appalling. Such a lack of transparency in a financial app. Interest not being paid, wrong amounts being displayed, no timeline (or urgency!) for getting things fixed. The app has tried to do too much too quickly and is now falling apart. This is disturbing both as a customer and investor.

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Hi @brila

The issue causing bonus not to accrue is now fixed, as is the display issue, and any missing bonus from the two weeks where it wasn’t working will be paid.

It’s just the payment of the missing bonus that I don’t have a timeline for now but I shouldn’t imagine it will be too long as the developers know what needs to be done.

As was mentioned in the Q2 investor report, fixing the bugs in the app and improving the entire user experience is Chip’s main focus for the next quarter.

I’m just closing this thread to keep everything together here: Everything Bonus