Lost Phone No App


I lost my phone a few days ago on holiday. It has been found and luckily being returned to me but not for another 5-6 days. I need to access my chip account to transfer money. Is there any way I can do this via desktop site?

Apologies if question has been asked, I searched and couldn’t find a similar post.


use this contact link

the team are quite good at replying for this type of thing

This type of thing has me worried actually. That’s a very good point. I move money around quite a bit, but i’ve been known to withdraw from chip regularly.
If i was going to need some money at the end of the month to pay for car repairs for example. I’d be frustrated if all i had available to me was sending a tweet to Chip.
I’m not convinced facebook is appropriate for this type of information either.
I would want to telephone them to sort it out.
Lost phone and an immediate requirement for cash. I’d be looking for a swift resolution by speaking with someone on the phone.

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Agreed. If you require urgent access to funds on a Saturday, it isn’t ideal. I emailed hello@getchip.uk on Saturday (lunchtime) and had a response this morning.

We are looking into extending livechat coverage, it’s just a bit of a balancing act between a number of different factors!

But glad to hear we’ve got you sorted @Katie :slight_smile: