Manual saves blocked by NatWest!

Thought I’d raise this on here, rather than on the app support, as it might end up a lengthy post (and hopefully a discussion).

Every month I do a manual save for about £300 into my Chip account, and every month without fail, this gets blocked by NatWest. I have to try to make the save twice, they send the automated text to approve the attempted transactions, then unblock my card, and I’m able to make the deposit.

I’ve spoken to NW’s support about this and they’ve come back with “it’s automated, designed to protect you from fraud” but despite explaining this is effectively me transferring money to my own savings account, they can’t/won’t do anything.

Assuming I’m not the only one having to play the “let’s get our card blocked then unblocked” game every month, can Chip go to NWG and put some pressure on to get the app whitelisted? If it’s an automated system doing the blocking then it can absolutely be changed to allow exceptions, and Chip’s voice of “we’ve got X thousand of customers having this problem” will be a lot louder than mine.

It’s only once a month, but it’s bloody frustrating and while I appreciate it’s not Chip’s fault at all or their (our!) problem to solve, it doesn’t seem that NW want to play ball here so I’m hoping some progress can be made with this approach.

Does anyone else have this problem, with NW/RBS, or other banks? Would be interesting to know if others get this!

I had that issue on my first try with RBS but not since.

I don’t think I have had problems with Chip (using Halifax or BOS accounts).

I would have thought NatWest’s system was intelligent enough to recognise that once you’ve approved the transaction the first month, they should approve it automatically the next month.

Does it also block automatic saves?

Have you tried two saves of a lesser amount? Would it be the amount triggering the anti-fraud check?

It would annoy me, so I hope somehow the problem is able to be fixed.


I’m with NatWest and I’ve not had any issues at all with Chip, it works for both auto and manual saves. I’ve also paid money into the Savings account No problem, though I didn’t transfer the amount you do on manual saves

Have you tried lower amounts ? As it might be some sort of limit your triggering and they think it’s fraud for that amount. Agree once you’ve authorised Chip at NatWest they should then let payments through!

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Thanks all for the replies - it sounds like it might be more of an issue with my account, rather than anything in particular with others. I’ll give the smaller amounts a go and see if I can work out the trigger point for the transaction being blocked, then perhaps take it up with NW and their customer services :slight_smile: