Maximum Chip Balance

I’ve tried a few times to make a manual save and got this error when trying to make the save shown below. Then when I changed the amount to .04 pence instead of 0.3 it accepted the manual save. Not sure if there’s other amounts that cause the save to give this response.

I’ve had this save error a few days ago, it’s not the first time either is a ongoing bug, and I was no where near my limit!

The maximum you can manually save is £9,999. £10,000 get rejected.
However you can save above £9,999 using autosaves.
However, it is unclear if you get any bonus on any save amount above £10,000.
If you are trying to save and you are below (and the save will not take you above) £9,999 then raise the issue. You may need to understand the fact that although you see one pot of money there are two pots, 1 for saved money and 1 for bonus. So if you have paid in and withdrawn this may have an impact on what Chip see as maximum save. Starting to talk nonsense now… so I’ll stop at that. Suffice to say, I withdrew all my money down to £0.00 and then manually saved £9,999.

I’m no where near the limit. As I said above I went to make a manual save of £4.03 but it said I reached the max but then when I tried a manual save of £4.04 (which is more) it worked fine.

Oh, that’s unusual! Can you send me a message with your device/OS details and also your Chip balance before and after the manual save so we can take a look at this?

I’ve sent you a DM, can you let me know if you’ve got it please

@sarahchip just had the same problem for a different amount…

@sarahchip Still having the same problem!

@SamyChip, did you get anywhere with this weird bug?


Still getting the same problem…

Interesting, and does changing the value by 1p fix it?

I changed it by £1 but yes changing it by 1p works as well… it’s certain values only. I don’t see any correlation

Thanks! I’ve chased it with the development team and there is a ticket to look into this. There’s just some higher priority tasks/bugs in the queue ahead of it at the moment. :slight_smile:

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