Minimum bank balance bug

Hi both! Apologies for missing this earlier!

Which bank are you with? As some won’t allow us to ‘see’ your account properly, so we can’t set a minimum balance in the app.

Also, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

Morning @sarahchip
I’m with Nationwide and yes.

I’m with Nationwide myself as well. I have also tried reinstalling and hasn’t made a difference so I take it that this problem would be done to Nationwide.

Thanks both!

So Nationwide have recently deployed an update which means you’ll need to refresh your bank account’s connection with Chip.

We have an update coming out next week which should allow you to do this yourselves, or you can jump onto live chat in the app and the team can process it for you there. :slight_smile:

Hi @sarahchip
Spoke to Donald this afternoon via LiveChat, who has ‘refreshed’ my banks connection, however this hasn’t solved the issue.
@duck49er any update from yourself?


This is an issue we’re aware of and have a task to fix it. Just to clarify; this is a bug on iOS which reverts your minimum bank balance savings floor to ‘0’ whenever you try to change it. I can confirm that your chosen setting does actually set as expected on our backend database, however the iOS app is struggling to replicate this value. We plan to investigate and fix this in the upcoming sprint (two weeks).

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Hi @SamyChip

Any update on this?
This mornings update was looking promising as ‘something’ has been done to the Minimum Balance screen, but the ‘Save’ button has now vanished, still rendering it unusable . . .

Hi @Viney,

Thanks for raising this. I’ve flagged this with our QA team and we’ll look into this as soon as possible. This is coupled in with the minimum save bug. I will provide an update as soon as we make some headway on it.

@Viney to follow up on this: This issue has been fixed and tested and will be deployed for our next release (V2.5) which will be coming live to the App Store / Play Store later this week.

Morning @SamyChip
Appreciate the update, however whilst the app now retains the minimum figure that I set and on the face of it appears to work, I’ve still had an autosave come through this morning, despite my current bank balance being below that of the minimum figure I’ve set . . .

Morning @Viney,

That’s strange. There may be an issue with your bank connection. Email me the phone number for your Chip account on and i’ll look into it.

@SamyChip Email sent.


Hi, I had an auto save this morning of £10.26, and this total takes me to below my amount i entered against the minimum bank balance field in settings.

I adjusted the amount so I didn’t go below my min balance.

Any update on this please, very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m having the same issues! Currently below my minimum and Chip is still auto saving. My minimum has been the same for 6 months plus and had no issues up to now. Has been happening *roughly * since the Bank connection issues were sorted with Natwest.

@sarahchip, any news on the progress of this defect. I would expect that its fairly high up the list to get fixed??

This is being worked on. It’s a fairly big task, but I have seen the work in progress!

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Any news on this please? This has happened again to me this month, plus it seems you can’t put in less than £1.00. I ideally wanted to put in £0.95 as the extra 5p takes me over what I set as my min balance to be. How is this going to work next time it trys to make an auto save as I’m now under my min balance, so ideally it shouldn’t take any money correct? If not, then make it so please. Thanks.

Hi Reena, current implementation is that Chip will not make a save if your current account balance is below the minimum balance set by yourself. For example, if your minimum balance is set at £20, and your current account balance is £20.01, Chip will still make an automatic save. I’d recommend, increasing your minimum save amount a little just so you have a buffer.

Hopefully this helps, but feel free to send me a message if you need a hand with anything else.

@liamchip Thanks for the business rules behind this functionality, makes sense now. Now I know that, Im not so sure there is a defect :blush:

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In that case would it be possible to update the text displayed on the minimum bank balance screen in the app. It currently implies it won’t take an amount that takes the user below the threshold they set