Minus money showing


I have 3 goals on the go and haven’t reached the total yet for any of them but I transferred out all the money to my savings account. One goal still says how much I had put towards it, the other two now have minus numbers (e.g. -£55) like the goals are in debit. The minus numbers don’t match how much I’d saved for each goal/how much was withdrawn. An error message did appear when I tried to withdraw the money but then it seemed to go through anyway. Can I do something to reset it back to showing how much I had put towards each goal so I know if I’m still on track? The first goal still shows this. Thanks :grin:


Here’s what the balances look like.

Is it me or just seem that the chip team have disappeared? They don’t seem to be replying to any topics for a long time. I’m curious to know about this issue as well.