Misleading charges comparison

On the “Our Charges” page in the app, which I got to by clicking the info “i” alongside the “Investment platform fee” row on the “Change or view plans” page, there is a comparison of the ChipX platform fee compared to the market.

As mentioned in this post/thread: ChipX IS LIVE! - Everything Chip - Chip Community
…the Plum platform fee is shown as being “0.55%” but that isn’t correct. According to the Plum website the “product provider fee” (platform fee) is 0.15% Is there a fee to invest with Plum? | Plum Help Center

The Wombat platform fee is stated to be “0.45%” but all I can find on their website is a 0.10% fee for accounts valued over £250: https://wombatinvest.com/pricing/

The Moneybox platform fee appears to be right.

Could someone from Chip please explain how their figures were reached - am I missing something?

Many thanks,

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Ben, absolute gem right here!

I’ve taken this up with the product design team, quite often these fees fluctuate, can be hard to keep up, we already have an internal ticket for this to be correctly updated.

Really appreciate it Ben

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I suppose chip should keep some sort of record of fees. (screenshots of the webpage and mention dates when the rates were compared). This is to avoid anyone complaining later that they were mislead in to making wrong decision. I am sure regulators won’t see it as a human error on chip’s part if their marketing campaign quoted wrong rates.

This might be there already- but if not this should also be done.