Money coming out of bank but not going into chip account?

I’ve been getting the error message about a bank connection error for months now (I bank with Lloyd’s) but have been getting my automatic saves as usual (however I haven’t been getting notifications of them like I used to. It’s just been going out my bank and I’ve only noticed when checking my chip account).

However, I checked my bank account the other day and two automatic saves have been taken out my bank on a Friday and a Sunday and when I checked my chip accounts, they’re not in there nor do they show as pending which is quite concerning as to where this money has gone?

It then again tried to take an automatic save today (Tuesday) which I have cancelled until this is rectified

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Hi @Charlottehana; don’t worry, we can get this sorted for you!

We’ll need to have a closer look at your account to see what’s happened, so please jump onto live chat in the app, send a message to our Facebook page: Redirecting... or an email to and we’ll get right on it. :slight_smile:

Hi. Thanks for such a quick response! I did send a message via the live chat yesterday and again this morning but am yet to receive a response. I will try email

Unfortunately the team are a little swamped at the moment so response times are a bit longer than usual, but they definitely will get back to you. I’ll also just give @harryfchip a little nudge here to make sure!

Brill thanks so much for your help!

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