Money Dashboard Neon

Afternoon Chip,

I use Money Dashboard to aggregate my various financial accounts, they updated the App to ‘Money Dashboard Neon’ mid-way through 2020. Using the old app I could bring in my Chip balance using open banking, but disappointingly I couldn’t bring in my interest accounts.

On the new app, Chip isn’t available at all. Is it in the works to allow integration with Money Dashboard Neon? Will the integration include interest accounts?



Agree, would be good to have more connections on MD, and Emma and whatever other ones I’m not aware off. I would say it needs to be the other way round though, MD and Emma use open Banking where they can, and say Tink when they cant.

That being said, I guess the crunch point is MD only has what 600k active users, so about 5-6x more than we do. I would probably work on building out our product offering to grow users first as as much as it would be great to have this functionality with Emma/MD and whatever,

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I’m with Emma, but I’m a little disappointed to see that my +1 doesn’t sync.

Nor the HTB one…would be useful

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