Moneybox - No Deposits

Anyone else stopped using Moneybox since they stopped allowing deposits?

The reduction in interest rate coupled with no deposits must be seeing customers withdraw their money and look elsewhere.

Maybe Chip could capitalise on this?

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Just received an email from MoneyBox saying deposits are now available again but interest will be at 0.6%

Slightly off topic, but I opened a load of different bank accounts when there were relatively good interest rates on small sums deposited in current accounts and recently I have had so many emails about reductions in rates it’s hard to keep track.

Chip’s 0.9% keeps looking more competitive so much so that I wonder whether it can last.

Same. Latest is Santander to reduce % incentive.

Can’t see it dropping anytime soon, but you never know…

Again slightly off topic but Moneybox are doing another raise on Crowdcube at a pre money valuation of … just under £143m.
I’ve not looked into it but that valuation had me a little :flushed:

I have an ISA with Moneybox and was going to put money into it. They are offering shares at £3.50

They’ve smashed the funding side.