Monzo Deep Integration

What do people think about a deeper integration and a collaboration with Monzo? When selecting a pot to open on Monzo you can choose the type (no interest/easy access etc.) and I think it would be a game changer if you could then select Chip as one of the options as a way to save the perfect amount, automatically. I can envisage the partnership; Monzo x Chip. Obviously this is a very basic way of looking at things and may not be even be possible but just thought it would be a great idea and maybe open up the huge number of Monzo’s customers to Chip!


I love Monzo. This would be a great addition.


This makes sense honestly but not just limited to monzo maybe some of the other independent ones like starling.


Cool suggestion - any way to gain traction is definitely worth considering + Monzo’s customer are obviously somewhat interested in their finance and the practical way to go about them.
What’s in it for Monzo ??

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